Nobody who can write worth a damn

ever writes with peace.” 

Charles Bukowsky


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1. Nothin’ But Trouble

A Musical, CT


2. Change of Habit

A Musical, CT



A Musical, CT


4. Catch A Falling Star

A Musical, CT


5. Green Light, Go!

A Musical, CT


6. Best Seller

A Musical, CT


7. Party Games

A Musical, CT


8. Money

A Musical, CT


9. Rainbow

A Musical Revue, CT


10. Body

A Musical, CT


11.  LaRocco & Powell Outfront

A Musical Revue, Linda Powell (lyrics), NYC


12. A New York Celebration

A Musical Revue, Scott Newborn (co-writer),NYC

13. Ariadne

A Musical, Jack Porso (lyrics), NYC

14. Hoofin’ Mouths

A Musical Revue, Scott Newborn (co-writer)Touring


15. Rasputin

A Musical, Ron Villane (book), NYC

16.  The Anderson Avenue Astronauts

Ron Villane (Screen play), A Film


17. Taking A Chance On Love

A Musical Revue, NYC

18. Stopping By

A Musical, Ron Villane (book), NYC

19. The Surgery Tango

A Musical, Ron Villane (book), NYC


20. Bedmates,

A Musical Cabaret, NYC

21. Money Notes

A Musical, Larry Pellegrini (book), NYC

22. It’s Better With A Band

A Musical Revue, David Zippel (lyrics)NYC


23. Flypaper

A Musical, Larry Pellegrini, Cheryl Paley (co-book), Cheryl Paley (lyrics), NYC


24.  Tiresius Unveiled

A Musical Revue, NYC


25. Three Women On Tilt

A Musical Revue, Barbara Feller (co-book), NYC

24. New York Moves

A Dance Musical, Jeff Shade (co-book), NYC

25. Moments In The Air

A Musical Revue, Sam Austin (lyrics), NYC


26. No More Black Balloons

A Musical, NYC

27.  Choices

A Musical, Sam Austin (lyrics, co-book), NYC


28.  The Adventures of Skybitch

A Musical Revue, Donna Kincaid (co-book), NYC

29. Push My Buttons

A Musical Revue, Sam Austin (lyrics), NYC

30. Twelve Stepss

A Musical,

(Amy Powers, Sam Austin, co-book, lyrics) NYC

31.  Rocks

A Musical,

(Amy Powers, Sam Austin, co-book, lyrics) NYC


32.   Are Ya Havin’ Any Fun?

A Musical Revue, NYC

33.  Raw Meet

A Musical, NYC

34. The Dinosaurs Come Clean

A Children’s Musical Tour, USA

Rick VanVelsor (book), Sam Austin (lyrics)


35. A Woman Traveling Alone

A Musical Cabaret, NYC


36. Atlantis

A Musical, Sam Austin (co-book, lyrics), NYC

37.  Oscar Of The Waldorf

A Musical Suite, Waldorf-Astoria, NYCsd

Sam Austin (co-book, lyrics)


38. Trevor Schechter Stuck In The Nowhere Room,

A Musical, NYC


39. Tooth And Nail

A Musical Revue, Teresa Fisher (co-book), NYC


40.The Mount Bear Mystery

A Comedy, NYC


41. Through My Eyes

A Musical,  Sam Austin (co-lyrics), NYC


42. You Oughta Be In Pictures

A Musical Cabaret, Kami Rodgers (co-book), NYC


43. More Than Meets The Eye

A Psychic CD Exposé, (Nick Giamusso, co-writer)


44. Blind Faith

A Musical, Adrienne Reedy (co-lyrics), NYC


45. Sasha Schechter, American Girl

A Musical, (Sasha Schechter, co-book), NYC


46. Serenade To Secrets

A Musical, NYC


47. Lips, Hips & Magic

A Musical, Katylin Nudo (co-book), NYC


48. JG & The BC Kids

Animated TV series &

Children’s Musical Tour, USA

Janet Hubert (co-book, creative director)


49.  Only The Little People

A Musical, (Tony B. Davis, book), NYC









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