ROB LAROCCO is a Vocal Performance Engineer.  His career encompasses twenty-eight years teaching voice,  twelve years artistically directing his own regional theater company, twenty years producing studio projects including fourteen professional releases, musical directing of numerous nightclub acts, and composing and co-writing three Off-Broadway shows, six musical revues,  and several dance,  internet and television projects.  Rob has been hired by the Shuberts to coach the leads of Broadway, by ABC-TV to coach soap opera voices, by Columbia Records to coach breaking artists, and by the Waldorf-Astoria to create and musical-direct an original promotional musical.  In addition to coaching leads in almost every Broadway show over the last 28 years, Rob has also worked with several American Idol contestants.  Rob holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Music Education and Performance; he is also the recipient of four ASCAP Awards for Prestigious Contribution to Musical Theater.  Rob believes that today’s performer needs a multifaceted approach for a multifaceted industry.  He considers each client that enters his studio to be a unique individual with particular gifts and ambitions.  His emphasis in vocal coaching is to foster industrial-strength technique and “correctly engineered vocal performers who endure and deliver reliably at the limits of vocal ability.”


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